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Best Short wolf Stories For Kids With Morals

Animal Stories For Children With Morals,

Our client, a leading name in the Education & Training sector requires dynamic Business lecturers to join their organisation, based in their JHB and CPT branches. The minimum academic requirements for entry is Hons in Business Studies or any other relevant and equivalent qualification. The successful incumbent must have experience in specialised modules such as Economics, Business Statistics, Accounting, and HR.

Duties & Responsibilities

Academic Delivery:
Design lesson plans and teaches curriculum per module outcomes as per contract hours.
Communicates briefs or assignments to Learners for practical projects and assignments specifically for theoretical projects.
Mark assessments for Learners and provides feedback to Learners within the stipulated marking and moderation cycle deadlines as per the national Assessment Schedule.
Presents class marks and averages of briefs to assignments to the HOD’s for internal and external moderation as specified by the module.
Design and briefs in module-specific craft activities to drive class and Learner engagement within brief cycles.

Academic Development:
Develops briefs, assignments, tests, exams and rubrics to give feedback to Learners in a structured way.
Interprets content and develops presentations for presenting lectures.
Engages in further research and participates in further Teaching & Learning events to ensure that the most up-to-date pedagogy is used in lectures.

Academic Tracking & Reporting:
Submits marks and feedback on Moodle for Learners’ use as well as to the Dean of Faculty for all Learners at every assessment point.
Takes Learner attendance registers and red-flags, or at-risk Learners’ poor attendance continuously via the academic Master Mark Sheets (MMS) and ITS system.
Reports continuously on red-flag and at-risk cases to the HOD’s and campus Registrar for academic, financial or medical issues to be addressed.

Academic Administration:
Participates at campus staff meetings to sort out logistical issues and get updates on academic development, orientation issues, new teaching and learning techniques for Learners.
Attends parents’ evenings twice a year to provide feedback on the Learners to parents.
Attends open days to share module and programme information with prospective Learners and parents three times annually.
Attends and participates in Learners and Lecturer orientation session once a semester to orientate the job incumbent in terms of teaching & learning and assessment policy.
Be willing to travel between campuses across the country when and if needed.

Desired Experience & Qualification

The minimum academic requirements for entry is Honours in Business Studies or any other relevant and equivalent qualification.
Highly motivated
Excellent presentation skills
Excellent research skills
Written and verbal communication skills
Expertise in IT
Resides in the Bryanston or Cape Town area
Available immediately
Previous experience in similar role


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