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Season of the Chopped-off Hands story

the Chopped-off Hands or The Girl With the Maimed Hands is an Italian literary … The king returned home, heard all the stories, and concluded that

Student Capacity Planning

  • Understands the timetable in terms of phase in and phase out rules related to phase out and teach out qualifications.
  • Understands the process and advises on the need to teach out a qualification in consultation with the Head: Academic Operations, and ensures that all such requests are formally approved via the National office and governance committees at the Central Academic Team (CAT).

Lecturer Budget Support

  • Ensures that the campus Academic team are informed of the student group planning in order to complete the lecturer budget.

Venue Management

  • Facilitates the ad hoc allocation of venues for various events throughout the year, including any corporate offers on campus.
  • Liaises with the campus Facilities Co-ordinator to report any venue related problems or to arrange for special requests regarding venue facilities, and ensures that classroom checks are completed timeously.
  • Communicates any changes to the teaching timetable to students and lecturers.

Assessment Timetabling

  • Ensures effective planning of computer room venue software and IT equipment in venues for practical assessments.
  • Assists with the planning and allocation of venues to be shared with the Assessment Centre.

Timetabling & Attendance Register Management

  • Allocates lecturers into the teaching timetable, taking into account respective lecturer constraints as received from the Academic team.
  • Manages timetable changes during the academic year (i.e. updates the academic system with rescheduled sessions received from the Academic team).
  • Ad hoc printing of daily registers for Lecturers where required.
  • Captures attendance in the academic system on request.
  • Monitors registers daily during the registration period to identify students who are still not appearing as registered students and ensures this information filters through to the Admission Centre for follow up for the completion of the registration process.
  • Ensures that the attendance registers are filed correctly in an orderly system for ease of accessibility in the case of attendance related enquiries.
  • Manages the operational delivery of programmes, this may include programme specific events e.g. Moot court, Info evenings etc.
  • Releases and communicates the teaching timetable to students and lecturers and informs them of any updates to the timetable thereafter.
  • Ensures that all timetabling information is captured accurately and timeously in the academic system.
  • Schedules supplementary sessions as required from the Academic team.

Programme Operations Support

  • Acts as the liaison between the Capacity Planning and Timetabling Centre and the Programme Managers on any programme related issue in support of the academic programme.
  • Maintains a strong communication channel with all relevant stakeholders that supports all operational requirements that may impact the designated programmes.
  • Liaises with the campus Academic team regarding post assessment queries.
  • Manages the corporate offer space, ensuring that enough material has been ordered for the students and lecturer and distributes it on the day.
  • Campus Collaboration & Team Support
  • Assists with campus specific projects/events (e.g. Graduation, Open Day etc.).
  • Collaborates with all departments on campus to facilitate optimal performance within the Capacity Planning and Timetabling Centre and to ensure a high-quality student experience.

Desired Experience & Qualification

 Competencies required:

  • Interpersonal and communications skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Time management skills
  • Best suited to a friendly, organised and systematic person who has an eye for detail and who works accurately and is able to handle pressure

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • Minimum of an Advanced Diploma or Degree (NQF Level 7). However, candidates with a National Diploma/Advanced Certificate (NQF Level 6) with a minimum of five years’ experience in academic administration will also be considered.

Minimum Work Experience Required:

  • Minimum of 2 years Academic Operations or Administration experience (ideally with timetabling experience


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