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The children killer – The story book

Although these statistics can help us to build up a picture of the scale of abuse, it’s important to remember that all data sources have their limitations. This factsheet sets out some of the key issues to consider when looking at child abuse statistics. This briefing looks at what data and statistics are available about child deaths due to abuse or negle Official measures are likely to be underestimations of the number of children who die due to abuse or neglect for a number of reasons.

The legal complexity of proof of homicide, misdiagnosed cause of death, abuse not being the immediate cause of death, but being a contributing factor, cause of death remaining unknown or unexplained. We don’t know exactly how many children experience abuse. Child abuse often goes unreported and unrecorded. However data is available on abuse that has been recorded by services that work with children, and various research studies provide data on children’s and adults’ self-reported experiences of abuse.


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